Project Dissemination



The youngest students use the outcomes of our project during their lessons.

In November and December 2019 students of grade 1-3 took part in Erasmus+ project activities. Altogether there were 130 students involved. During the classed teachers were using Storyjumper book created by project groups from all the countries. The content of the books was read by the teachers in English and translated into Polish. Children had a chance to get aquainted with our partners’ schools, they found them on the maps of Europe and got to know some more information concernig the culture of each countries (famous landmarks, cities etc)


One of the activities included solving a puzzle with famous monuments, children worked on exersises with flags, curiosities, and characteristic things for each country. Students were to colour the worksheets, got to know a legend of Kacper Karliński by reading a book in Polish and English.


They were highly interested as most of them have been in the nearby village called Olsztyn, that is pictured in the story. They stroll down the hills and visit the ruins of the Olsztyn castle. Children also created various art crafts and drawings concerning the topic of the activities, they aquired new English words and met the culture of foreign Erasmus+ partners.