January 2020/February 2020

‘Sightseeing my country’ it is an e-Twinning project and is planned for two
months.In January, each participating school visits one site of cultural
heritage in their country. It is obligatory for this place to be listed on UNESCO
Heritage list. Students will take photos.


Among 16 Unesco sites in Poland there is one place visited by our students in September 2019- 

the Old Town in Zamość situated in the southern east of Poland. 



The city is known as a Pearl od Renaissance due typical tenements and fortifications that surround the city centre as well as the the urban plan that remained unchanged.

Below you can see a photo of the Old Town – in the puzzle version



As well 7 grade students that managed to arrange them – you can observe two teams competing:)

I will not tell you who the winner was:)  The most important is, that they all did their best and managed to finish the task cooperating with each other. Above all they had a great time together.






The following puzzles represent two of the 17 prperties inscribed on the world´s heritage list of UNESCO.


Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

Torre de Belém



Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3